Hello world!


Disclaimer: I’m new to this blog thing.  I know I know, “blogging”  it seems has been a “thing” forever, but I’m late to the game OKAY. I’m not going to make this introduction too long, I’m aware that our attention spans are diminished these days. You still with me?!!!  Okay good, so here’s what to expect on here… as a female working in the sports industry (and who loves sports) I have learned some things/tips I would like to pass along.  As someone who as long I can remember has had an insatiable appetite for all things health, fitness, taking care of yourself, and style I figure I can pass along some things I’ve learned in those areas too.  Oh, and of course football.  As someone who works in football for an NFL team I realize the female football fan is a tad bit neglected (have you seen some of the merchandise selections we have to choose from? Woof!) Though I do want to give credit to Nike, Alyssa Milano’s “Touch” line which are the closest thing to stylish, but still I want to help.

Style, health, fitness, football…what’s not to love? Oh and there will be some awesome special guest collaborations if I do say so myself (the suspense!).  If anything hopefully that’ll keep you wanting more…..

Until next time,


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