The Essentials: Training Camp

Ohh that time of year has slowly crept up on us…training camp time.  And while camp may have crept up, the South Florida heat certainly has not.  With temperatures blazing into the upper 90’s and the heat index reaching into the 100’s (yes you read that correctly, 100’s) it’s important to stay as cool and as comfortable as possible while watching your favorite team grind it out on the practice field (you think you’re hot out there?). I have put together what I’m calling “The Essentials” for the ladies because whether it’s your first time attending a training camp or simply looking for some inspiration we could all use a little help sometimes.


blog pic 2 blog pic 1

Have I mentioned it’s HOT out there?  It’s important to drink as much water as possible before, during, and after to stay hydrated and avoid heat exhaustion. Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!  You get the point.  The sun is extremely strong even if it is ONLY 8 am, and I promise you will not regret protecting your skin!  Sunglasses are imperative as well.  We’ve all seen the commercial…your eyes can get sunburnt too!  Plus, who wants to spend the morning squinting?   I suggest wearing lighter colored clothing to help reflect some of the heat and to stay cool.  Speaking of comfort…comfortable shoes (can’t go wrong with sneakers) shorts, and t-shirts/tank tops are my go-to’s.

***The NFL bag policy is that you can only bring a clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag and it cannot exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″.  You can bring a 1 gallon clear plastic freezer bag, or a clutch size bag (one about the size of your hand) and it can be taken in as well with a clear plastic bag.  Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items.  The NFL bag policy can be found here: The one in the picture above is from the Dolphins ProShop right here on site, so if you forget yours don’t worry…they have you covered.

Pictured Clockwise:

  • T-shirts: White Dolphin’s Tee (Dolphins ProShop) Faded Aqua Tee (Touch by Alyssa Milano), Dark Aqua Tee (Nike), White Tee (JCrew linen blend)
  • Shorts: Jean Shorts (JBrand), Orange Shorts (JCrew), Army Shorts (DaNang)
  • Shoes: White Slip On’s (Vans), Orange Sneakers (Nike), Pink Sneakers (Superga)
  • Sunglasses: Illesteva & RayBan
  • Sunscreen: (organic of course!):  Lavanila
  • Hat:  Dolphin’s ProShop (so cute right?!)
  • Mug:  Dolphin’s ProShop

I will be providing a checklist of things to bring/wear/remember coming soon.  Until then, get to your training camp prep! 🙂

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